On the evening of July 14, Bondly Finance was compromised by an unknown party. Details of the incident can be found in our Post-Mortem report READ THE POST-MORTEM HERE.

Our Co-Founder and CEO Harry Liu will be updating our community with the latest on our dedicated Medium blog post here READ THE BLOG POST HERE.


We will also be communicating any key information on the bondly.finance site and across our community social channels.

We remind $BONDLY token holders that they should withdraw liquidity and not buy any additional tokens.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Bondly Statement To Our Community

Bondly Finance will reissue its $Bondly token to support token holders who lost liquidity during last night’s compromise. Details of the reissue will be provided shortly.

We continue to recommend $Bondly token holders withdraw liquidity and not buy additional tokens.

The Bondly team continues to investigate the cause of the compromise and will provide an update once it is completed.

Thank you again to our loyal community for your support.

Bondly To Redeploy Tokens

Community Update | Thu 15 Jul 6.30pm EST

Effective immediately, Bondly Finance Co-Founder Harry Liu will assume the role of CEO for the organization.

Brandon Smith is on a temporary, voluntary leave of absence.

We have received tremendous support from our community and business partners and as a result, the project continues to move forward.

Co-Founder Harry Liu will assume the role of CEO

Community Update | Fri 16 Jul 1.30pm EST

Bondly Co-Founders, Brandon and Harry, have made a brief video for our community. We appreciate your patience during this time and assure you we are working tirelessly to rectify this situation.

A video from our Co-Founders

Community Update | Sat 17 Jul 2.30pm EST

The attack that occurred starting on July 14th 2021 is summarised in our post-mortem article, and follows an extensive review of a sophisticated operation: READ THE POST-MORTEM HERE

We appreciate the patience of our community and investors in allowing us the time to piece together the events that took place during the attack, and we will be announcing more information on next steps for our token redeployment.


Community Update | Mon 19 Jul 3.00pm EST